Monday, November 23, 2015

What Next after my College?

This is the important question which arises in 99% of the students who are not selected in Campus Recruitment. Even though it is important question, there is a solution available. Job, Higher Studies, Business, Research etc., You need to think about your long term interest. You may need to compromise on salary or other aspects if you’re working on long term interest.

If you’re looking for Job – What kind of Job? Job available everywhere. Upto Rs 10000/- you can get any kind of Job immediately.  But will that Job helpful for your long term goal or is that based on your study. Ex: BPO jobs available plenty. Are you satisfied with BPO by sacrificing long term interest? Are you ready to sacrifice your health? For all kind of jobs available, there are many hidden questions. You need to think twice before selecting the Job. You need to discuss with your well-wishers.  

IT jobs are available if you have completed any certification. Salary will be Rs 5000 to 8000 p.m for 1 year. But this brings CAREER and not just a JOB. After a year your salary may go to Rs 20000/- You may lose 60000 in 1 year if your salary is Rs 5k compared to 10k in BPO. But that 60k you will get in 2nd year in 3 months. So long term success is IT or Core jobs.  What is the difference between Career and Job – Look out for this answer.

A car company starts the design work thinking about 5 years ahead. If a car has to come in market in 2020, design work will start from 2015 thinking all the aspects reference to year 2020. So you also need to design your career thinking about future and demand in future.

There are Govt exams available which has more value than IT or Core Jobs.  You can also choose that one. Discuss with a person who can guide you based on the Interest, Demand in Future, family circumstances, society etc.

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