Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Fresher - Why Im not getting IT Job?

Interestingly, this question arises from many young Engineers who want to get their dream job.

There are many Jobs available, but to match the job and education, it is getting tough.

Every one spending Lakhs for their Education, but at the end of the day, we hear that they are not getting Job, No enough Opening, Company is biased in recruiting, Do not know how to search for the job etc.,

Looking for an IT Job is an art. You have to follow proper approach inorder to get an Interview call.

IT jobs are there. It also keeps increasing every year.  But more than Jobs, colleges and students increased year on year. So IT companies started filtering for better students. IT Companies no need to worry in filtering, because lot of students are waiting in queue.

So because of lot of students, I will not get Job?

Answer is No. You need to prepare better and smartway to get an Job.

Here are the few steps you can work out:

1. RESUME : Your Resume is very very important. This is the 1st step recruiter decide to call you for an Interview.  It should be 1 page or maximum 2 page. Dont put Objective. Instead add your professional summary as per the job applying. Create Linkedin profile and Add connections. Dont add Hobbies unless it matches to the job profile. Keep email id simple and professional. Mention Achievements, organizing skills. Fine tune till you satisfied. Check with your well wishers to see if it is good. Six second is the average time spend for screening resume

2. Covering Letter : Write a neat, simple covering letter with normal words highlighting your key skills and interest towards the job.

3. Certification: n this competitive Job market, Certification from Reputed Training Institute is necessary. You give the training institute website in your Resume and that should add value. IT Companies prefer trained students than just degree students. Your friend might have got Job without this certification, but keeping that you dont waste  time in searching job without certification. You need to spend arund Rs 10000 additionally to study and definitely that will help you

4. Communication - English Language which is required for 30 minutes Interview. English is not our mother tongue. So no need to worry. But at the same time, prepare listening, speaking and talking in English.

5. Machine test is important. So practice or do a Project in the Technology (Ex: PHP or Java or Embedded) before applying for Job.

6. Expand your Job search. Dont wait that you will get call from naukri or from your friend. You keep follow the Jobs,. There are several new job sites and social networking sites available with job postings.

7. Learn the 30 Minutes Interview by practicing. Tell Me About Yourself is the first question and if you make perfect impression in this questions, then your chance of getting selection increases in next 28 minutes.

All The Best !!

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