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RESUME TIPS: How Long Should a Resume Be? - – 1 Page or 2 Page or more than that

How Long Should a Resume Be? - – 1 Page or 2 Page or more than that

The truth is that one-page resumes are generally preferred by hiring professionals for good reasons — the one-page format forces the candidate to focus on the most relevant details and makes it easier for the recruiter or hiring manager to scan for the needed skills, certifications, abilities, and experience.

It all makes sense when you consider the six second rule: Recruiters spend an average of six seconds reading your resume.

Cut Out - Too much information. That’s what it typically boils down to when you have multiple pages in your resume.

Customize the Resume for the Job youre Applying

Eliminate Unnecessary Resume Elements
* “objectives”
* Hobbies is another unnecessary element for a resume. Unless your hobby actually builds skills that are useful in your career
* references are available upon request

Use Keywords
Resume keywords are usually associated with applicant tracking systems that scan resumes, but HR personnel and hiring managers also look for keywords when they review new resumes.

What are keywords? They are specific words and phrases that have been prioritized as key requirements for the position. Keywords can relate to education, years of experience, programming languages, nursing specialties, accomplishments, certifications, degrees – virtually any specific things employers are looking for.

Keep the Formatting Simple
ince so many resumes today are initially scanned by computers, it’s also wise to skip on borders, shading, underlining, columns, and even italics.

Be Precise
Keep sentences short and to the point. If you use bullet points, keep them brief.

So, how long should a resume be?
There may not be a perfect formula to follow, but keeping your resume short and to the point is the key, especially when you remember the 6-Second Rule (recruiters spend 6 seconds on average looking at a resume). Following these tips faithfully can help you remove clutter and make your resume concise, focused, scannable, and reader-friendly.

Remember that the goal is to grab the attention of recruiters, HR managers, and hiring personnel — and ultimately get you in the door for an interview so you can close the deal.


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