Saturday, January 2, 2016

Big Combo Offer from Appin Coimbatore - PHP + ANDROID

New Year 2016 started with a Big Combo Offer from Appin Coimbatore!!

Increase your job prospects Double..

With our strong Analysis, we came up with 2 technologies that are highly in demand in Job market.

Core PHP and Android.

With Increase of Ecommerce boom and Internet of Things (IoT) and recent visit of Mr.Sundar Pichai, now the trend is shifting to Android. With Facebook been developed by PHP, its trends also at its HIGH.

We offer Practical and Live Training sessions with Placements in these 2 skills.

You can apply for 2 Jobs | You will have 2 Certificates | Priority for you is Double | Getting Interview Call is twice compared to others.

3 Full days sitting with Software Developers and get to know how they
  1. §  Get requirement,
  2. §  Study the project,
  3. §  Discuss with team,
  4. §  Start prototype
  5. §  Interact with clients,
  6. §  Implement

At the end of the course, you will develop a Web Application using PHP and Mobile Application using Android.

PHP + Android @ much discounted rate

Why to wait, Hurry Up, Limited Time Offer.

For Registrations, call 7708040305 or contact us using the link :

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