Thursday, January 7, 2016

Li-Fi :: New Technology :: A Complete transformation from Wi-Fi :: Is this Possible?

Forget Wi­Fi! The new entrant in town is the revolutionary technology Li-Fi that has become the talk of the internet. Imagine downloading your favourite movie while standing under a light bulb in a few seconds! Now with this new technology, you won't have to imagine things but you can actually see them happening in reality.


What is Li-Fi?
Light Fidelity (Li­Fi) is high speed technology which enables data transmission through visible light communication i.e it transmits high­speed data using lights. The term was coined by German physicist Harald Haas during a TED Talk when he outlined the idea of using lightbulbs as wireless routers. Why are we calling it revolutionary? Imagine all these billions of lightbulbs becoming wireless hotspots delivering connectivity at amazing speeds! If all goes well, this new technology could transform the way we use the Internet. It is touted as being nearly 100 times faster than the traditional Wi­Fi technology based on transmission of radio waves. When tried in laboratory, Li­Fi technology, achieved an amazing speed of 224 gigabits per second.To put it simply, the speed is comparable to that of 18 movies of more than 1 GB downloading every single second. It has been estimated that it will become a $113 billion industry by 2022. Will this visible light communication have a bright future? We will just have to wait and watch

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