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The Top 3 Most Valued Job Skills :: Interviewers Perspective :: Appin Coimbatore

Most Valued Job Skills
1.  Communication Skills

2. Teamwork/Ability to Work Collaboratively

3. Initiative

1.  Communication Skills

Communication means NOT English language


Employers want to hire people who are able to communicate effectively with those inside and outside of the organization. It’s not enough to be well-spoken. Writing skills are now critical for almost every job because email has become such an important means of communication (and an email is often your first or only impression on a colleague, client, or partner).

Why Are Communication Skills So Highly Prized by Employers?

Strong communication skills make you more productive and more effective.When you communicate well the first time, you save a lot of time that would otherwise be wasted on clarifying, answering questions, correcting wrong perceptions, chasing people down, and fixing mistakes.

Great communication skills can set an employee apart. At the very least, they can mean the difference between the potential for advancement and a stagnant career.

Effective communication may be one of your strengths if you:
·         Served as the spokesperson for your group in college classes (and got A’s on all of your papers)
·         Shine when making presentations at work
·         Receive positive feedback on written reports
·         Handle unhappy customers (or colleagues) with ease
·         Facilitate discussions and bring people to agreement
Be sure to mention examples like this on your resume and in your interview as they serve as indicators that you are, in fact, an outstanding communicator.

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions:
What can you expect your interviewer to ask you regarding your communication skills? Here are a few examples.
·         “Tell me about a difficult client/manager/teammate you had to deal with.”
·         “Describe a time when you were asked to make a speech or presentation at the last minute.”
·         “Tell me about a time when you had to be very careful in communicating sensitive or delicate information.”
·         “Give me an example when you had to present complex information in a simplified way to explain it to a superior.”

2. Teamwork/Ability to Work Collaboratively


“the ability to work in a team structure” tied with leadership skills as the #1 most attractive job skill for prospective employers, with 77.8% seeking both of these qualities.
Hiring managers want to hear that you can get along with others in a professional setting.

What Makes a Good Team Player?
Here are a few qualities that make someone easy to work with as a member of a group:
·         Focus on results, not who gets credit
·         Ability to listen
·         Respect for all group members
·         Appreciation of the perspectives of others
·         Communication skills (see above)
·         Ability to take constructive feedback
·         Reliability and work ethic

Sample Teamwork Interview Questions:
·         Tell me about a time when you worked as part of a team.
·         Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult person.
·         Share an example of a group you’ve worked well with (or not so well with).
·         Have you ever had a conflict with a coworker?
·         Tell me about constructive feedback you’ve received.

3. Initiative


“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”
Employers want self-starters who are constantly looking for ways to contribute instead of sitting around waiting for assignments. The goal is to have employees who proactively seek out ways to propel the business forward.
Many employers also see initiative as the ability to take ideas and run with them, to persist in the face of difficulty and inertia, and see a project through to completion.

Why is Initiative Important to Employers?
In today’s competitive and fast-moving business environment, companies are always looking for an edge on the competition. To position yourself as an ideal hire, you need to show you will go above and beyond the job description and really contribute.
Initiative is attractive in any candidate, but it’s particularly desirable for certain types of positions. For example, startups typically look for people who can wear multiple hats. Many teams within larger organizations also find themselves tasked with “doing more with less” and greatly appreciate a candidate who can contribute beyond their formal job description.

Initiative may be one of your strengths if you:
·         Prefer to start projects early to ensure you’ll have time to do a fantastic job
·         Seek out new assignments, especially those outside your comfort zone
·         Never say, “That’s not my job.”
·         Rarely say, “What else do you need me to do?”
·         Are known as someone who gets things done, even in the face of obstacles
·         Volunteer for committees or special projects
·         Look for training opportunities to help you contribute more
·         Read up on industry trends in your spare time

Sample Initiative Interview Questions:
·         “Tell me about a time when you took the initiative on a project without being asked.”
·         “Tell me about a time you improved a process or procedure at work.”
·         “Give me an example of a time you went above and beyond your job description.”
·         “Describe a major obstacle that you had to overcome.”
·         “What is your greatest accomplishment?”

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