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Appin Coimbatore - Interview TIPS for SHY CANDIDATES

Find out where the interview will be ahead of time – Knowing where the interview will be held will help reduce a bit of stress. Go to the locations there to see how long the time takes. This way, you’ll know exactly how to get there on the day of the interview and you’ll know exactly how long it takes so that you won’t have to worry about being late.

Find out who is interviewing you – Find out who the hiring manager or interviewer is going to be. See if you can do a little background research on this person by checking the company website for information or by glancing at their social media profiles. Knowing a little bit about your interviewer will help put you a little more at ease since it takes away an element of the unknown. And you may even find out that you have something in common with them that you can talk about. This will make it much easier to engage with the interviewer – something that is often a challenge for introverts.

Do research on the company  Find out about the company’s history ( may also help), what the company does and what the company’s future goals are. This will help you to align your personal goals with the company’s during the interview. It will also prepare you if the interviewer asks you what you think about the company – or why it is you want to work for them. These are not questions that you’ll want to be unprepared for.

Do research on the position – Find out what you can about the position you are applying for. This way, you’ll be able to share why you think you are the perfect candidate for the position.

Write out answers to potential interview questions – One of the things that shy candidates tend to have issues with is answering questions quickly. Shy candidates typically like to think about a question in detail so that they can give a thorough answer – even if they’ve done a lot of research in regards to the company and the position.
Unfortunately, in a job interview this can come off like you are not prepared or do not have an answer. To prevent this from happening, sit down prior to the interview and come up with a list of questions that you think the interviewer might ask. Answer these questions and study them. You’ll be much more prepared to answer quickly and thoroughly when similar questions come up during the actual interview.

Write out potential small talk questions – Shy Candidates are bad at small talk. That’s just the way it is. However, hiring managers will often use small talk as a way to get comfortable with the applicant and to judge their personality.

Familiarize yourself with your own resume – One of the drawbacks of being an shy candidates is that you probably have a hard time bragging about yourself. Look over your resume and remind yourself of your accomplishments – you should bring these up if asked about them. Being humble won’t get you anywhere in a job interview.

Bring your portfolio – Have your portfolio (live Projects) on resume so that you can reference it if your interviewer asks any specific questions.

Dress to impress – It doesn’t matter if the company you are interviewing for has a reputation for allowing its employees to dress casually. You don’t work for them yet. Don’t go into a job interview wearing casual clothing as this will seem like you don’t care. Wear appropriate attire – not only will the interviewer that you are taking the interview seriously, but dressing well helps improve your self confidence as well.

*[Imagine Youre wearing ordinary dress. You’re in Bus stop and bus moves. You may run for while and step into the moving bus. If you wear Blazer, same steps will you do? Due to the dress, you will not run and catch the bus. Dress will make you to behave different in different places]*

Don’t try to be Youre not Shy Even if you somehow pull off pretending to be outgoing during an interview, you’re going to be providing a false impression of your personality. If you get the job, you’re going to be found and it’s going to get awkward. Besides that – you shouldn’t be embarrassed about being an Shy person – 50 percent of the population is shy people, after all. The challenge is interviewing successfully and leaving a good impression – it’s not to try and hide your shy personality.

Don’t be afraid of mentioning that you are an shy candidate – If the interviewer knows that you are an shy, then they are less likely to think that you are coming off as bored, arrogant or shy. Who knows, maybe the interviewer is also an shy person and will be able to relate. For example, if asked about strengths or weaknesses, you can talk about your shy personality in a positive light.

Use your listening skills – Most shy candidates are excellent listeners, which comes in handy during interviews. You’ll be able to tailor your answers more specifically to certain questions instead of providing canned responses. It’s also easier to come off as more respectful since you’ll let the interviewer finish their questions or statements before responding, whereas socially confident persons are often in danger of taking over the interview by interrupting the interviewer or talking way too much.

Share ideas that you have – Don’t hold back on any ideas that you had or that have popped up during the interview. Hiring managers love to hear new ideas – it shows that you are actively thinking about the job and the company. Not to mention that they’d rather hire someone that has ideas than someone that doesn’t.

Ask your own questions – Ask questions about the job, about the company, about the interviewer and about anything that pops into your head over the course of the interview. The interviewer is probably going to ask if you have any questions at the end anyway. Asking questions shows that your interest in the position. Besides, a job interview is about you figuring out if the company is a good fit for you as much as it is for the company figuring out if you’re a good fit for them.

End on a high note – Tell the interviewer that it was nice to meet them, give them an authentic smile and a firm handshake. A lot of the time, the last thing you do leaves the impression that lingers the longest – so don’t just run out as soon as the interviewer ends the interview.

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