Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Appin Coimbatore - Teach & Earn & Learn

Teach and Learn

Learning becomes still simple.

In college, one student will teach the subject at the last minute and other students will listen and pass the Exam. Teaching student is great and listening students are very great.

For those who teach: A great opportunity for those who want to earn money by teaching to your class mates or friends..

For those who want Training Certificates: A great opportunity to learn at very low cost and get valuable certificate from a reputed company.

For teachers - Answer this,
Do you know any technology? Ex: Java, Advanced Java, Android, Embedded Systems, Pro/Engineer etc.,
Would like to teach to your friends? [Your classmates / friends etc.,]
Do your friends need of Training Certificate after learning from you?

Here you go,
At Appin Coimbatore we give you the opportunity for you to teach to your friend and earn the money while getting certificate from us.

In simple, your classmates/friend will come and write an Exam and we will give the certificate.
For Learners – Answer this
Do you want to learn from your friend or someone at your convenient timing?
Do you want certificate once you completed training from them?
Do you want Placement opportunities after getting that certificate?
Here you go,
Get trained from your friends and

Certificate cost is Rs 4000 and will be shared between Appin and You as 50%. The person learning from you spends just Rs 4000/- and get the certificate worth of more than Rs 10,000/- to Rs 25000/-. Appin also teaches for additional 20 hrs if required before or after the Exam

Appin certificate is
1.       Valuable in adding in Resume
2.       Stand out of the crowd
3.       Get Interview call
4.       Increase the job prospects

Feel free to revert for any clarifications.

Thanks & Regards
M: 77 08 04 03 05 / 0422 - 450 2000
144, Sengupta Street | Near Hotel City Towers
Ram Nagar | Gandhipuram | Coimbatore - 641009

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