Friday, October 23, 2015

What is Internship and Why Im not getting Internship with salary in IT or Embedded Companies?

Internship is On Job Training for Professionals. It is similar to Apprenticeships for vocational students.

In College, students study theory and do Practical’s in their Labs. Still they are not familiar with Industry Practices. So the college giving 6 months for doing Internship in Companies. College asks students to find the companies that should give final year project to them, stipend or salary and certificates. Is this happening in real time?

Answer is No. Company like Infosys offering Internship for 150 students globally. Are you 1 among the 150 students in global competition?

In Tamil Nadu, there are ~568 Engineering Colleges + Arts & Science Colleges. Every year there around 2 Lakh graduates passing out from Tamil Nadu. How the companies can give Internship for these 2 Lakh students with salary. It happened 10 years before when there were fewer colleges, few companies offered Internship with stipend and without stipend. Now getting a project itself big task for all companies. After this if client sees that the company is doing projects using students, then immediately the project will be called off. Most of the companies sign NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) such that the project information will not be shared with anyone. Then how can they share the projects with students.

YES, there are few companies giving Internship for students as part of Corporate Social Responsibility. But how many students can fit into that. We know Coimbatore has Tidel Park near Hope College and private techno park in Saravanampatti. Hundreds of company operating and more than 20000 employees are working there. Can an Engineering student or MCA student can go there directly and get an Internship. It is practically NOT possible. Even if we try through email or phone, still it is unreachable.

There is No mistake either from Companies or from Students. It is time getting changed and companies work globally so has to adhere rules and regulations of the clients. Companies are not ready to keep students while executing projects considering time and cost.

Changing this, Companies like Appin Coimbatore is giving Internship with same real time scenario of the company standards. Thousands of Students benefitted so far in the past. Appin Coimbatore provide Internship for EEE, ECE, E&I, IT, CSE, students including UG and PG. Appin is NOT a Project center, an MNC Company providing Real time projects for students apart from our regular IT services.

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