Saturday, October 17, 2015

What is SEO based Resume?

What is SEO based Resume?

SEO plays an important role in online marketing. It works as per the algorithm defined in the search criteria of any search engines.

Similar way, leading job portals implemented alogorithm or applicant resume tracking tool to identify the right resumes matching their job description. In this way, even the candidate has enough knowledge and miss out the key parameter mentioned in the job description, then his/her chances of getting interview call is less.

Ex : The candidate is familiar with Web Development – PHP and related skills. Candidate has mentioned that he knows PHP in resume. Job portal (like search works based on the keyword given in the search criteria. If recruiter searches html, css, mysql, javascript and if those keywords are not mentioned in the Resume, then it may not show up in the list. This way, even though you know the skills and if it’s not mentioned in the Resume, then chance of getting call letter is very less. You may think, knowing PHP means that you know related skills. But algorithm in job portal does not know that. This is one such point to improve your resume to get shortlisted in the job portal.

Appin Coimbatore engages its students with Interview Coaching session to improve various parameters involved in the Interview. Students showing full interest in improving the skills.

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