Monday, December 7, 2015



Below is the Client Email.
We are looking for right candidates to hire in our company for the flowing positions.

1)Digital marketing  specialist (Search engine optimization,Social media marketing,Social media optimization,Search engine marketing,Website optimization)

2) Mobile application developer (Android developer,IOS developer,hybrid mobile apps developers including phone gap technology)

3) Website Developer  - PHP (Content management system, E-commerce)

Both Fresher and experience can apply. Interview will be 80% practical and 10%  theory. We need candidates who really work practically from day one. Kindly send me list of candidates as soon as possible.

Kindly feel free to contact us regarding any queries. Kindly ask all the candidates to visit our website and go through all pages and understand who we are ,what we are doing and when inducted into our company what they(candidates)  will be working on before they came for the interview.

We don't have any number in mind so if they are right candidate we can hire them.

Fresher Starting  salary details:
Digita marketing Fresher---------    5,000INR to 10,000INR based on their performance in the interview.

Mobile apps developer Fresher---------    Android (10,000INR) Hybrid apps (7,000 to 10,000 INR) and  IOS (10,00INR and above based on their performance)

PHP Website developer fresher---------    8,000INR to 10,000INR based on their performance

For experienced salary will be given as per current industrial standards. Salary is not a issue for right candidates, we are very much open.

Interested and Eligible candidates send your Resume to email or call 7708040305


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