Monday, December 28, 2015

Start-Up India – Why You can’t start Up a Company?

Start-Up India – Why You can’t start Up a Company?

Recent days, Startup Company and Startup India are the 2 buzz words around us. What is all about? Let’s see whether we can one among that.

Days are gone that
·        Only Business people heirs can start up the Business.
·        Only those who have money can start up the company.

Now it is totally different. Govt of India has announced that Easy Bank loans and initiating this movement (Start-Up India) to reach every one of us in this country. Apart from Govt of India, NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Companies) has taken steps to push the Startup Companies in India.

Earlier, India is for Software Development Services. i.e, Western countries send us project and we will finish and send to them. So whatever the work they gave, we will be competing in India and send to them, for which they will pay us. Now the trend is changing. With the emergence of Ecommerce Industry and innovative thoughts, India is slowly shifting from Services to Products.

Example of Products is Flipkart. Amazon was No 1 in online selling. But we develop our own product and we compete with Amazon and other International online selling company. To develop a product you need to have clear thought that what it will do for Customers and company. Now the western countries are accepting our ideas and they started to invest on our ideas as venture capitalist. Our Govt is start recognizing youth’s innovative ideas. There are many National news channel finding and rewarding for great ideas.

So Dream, Dream, Dream and work towards that – Our Beloved Dr APJ sirs words coming in mind. Think in travelling; Think before sleep, Think while surfing. You will also get a concept or idea like facebook. If you now think Facebook concept – it is just something uniting friends, friends friend like that. Looks simpler. But why didnt we think like this. We always think that we are not a great person to invent. Our India is not suitable for that. Please throw of these thoughts. It is now getting changed. With Internet and Smart phone getting popular, many innovative companies came in India. Now you have company for Grocery deliver, Flower delivery, To sell old items, Order food online, Learn online, etc.,

If you come up with good idea, there are investors who can put money to develop that. While thinking, don’t assume you cannot develop Full application. Once your ideas are approved, there will be team set up and it will be taken care.

There are many famous films coming. Do you think the story belongs to the Director (it is mentioned in most films that Story, Screen Play, Dialogue, Direction – a same person. But actually it may be different. The story might be someone and he cannot afford to take film or it may not be reach larger people if he directs. So he sells his story. Similarly, you develop an Idea and sell it to Investors.

Just concluding that you can develop a company like Facebook, Whatsapp. So put your thoughts and we wish you All the best for your first innovative concept in any field.

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Author : Mohan Natarajan 

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