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What are the Skills Fresher’s needs to develop to get their First Job?

In this competitive job market, everyone has to sharpen their skill in order to land in a Job. Particularly fresher’s has to update in their knowledge as they don’t have Project experience. If we look closely, there are 2 options to get the Job.

  1.        Getting Job through Campus / Off campus while studying the college
  2.        Getting Job after Completion of Degree

Everyone has studying from LKG is to get Job. The days are nearer. Current College Students - Don’t postpone your getting Job now to after college. Current college student can easily get a job if they do their home work for 6 months.

We will now discus about the Job prospects for Current College Students:
1.   Resume – This is the first impression you’re going to give to the Employer. Your further Interview will be based on this. For a fresher, simple resume should be 1 page or 2 pages only. You need to highlight only what the Employer needs. Many of them mention Objective in the top of the resume. But if you ask them, what is their career objective, the answer will be different or they do not know. Whatever is mentioned in the Resume, you should know 100%. Don’t put your hobbies like surfing net, Listening Music. This is no where related to the company vision. Describe why the Employer has to take you for their company/job.

2.    Aptitude – This is the most important test in the Campus Recruitment. If you’re scoring good marks in this test, then there are very HIGH chances of getting selected. Industry people’s perspective is that one who performs well in Aptitude is the right choice for the company irrespective of they know or do not know the technology. Industry believes that they can train a Computer Science student to Aviation project if his/her score in Aptitude is best. Aptitude also plays important role in IAS/IPS/Bank/TNPSC exams. So start preparing from now for Aptitude and move near to job.

3.  Group Discussion – You need to show your leadership skill, team player skill, listening skill, observing skill and atlast making your points to accept by others.

4.  Technical Interview – This is the test with basics. So be strong in basics and make your chances brighter.

5.  HR Round – This is the last but important round in any Interview. HR’s mostly observe your stability after recruitment, your attitude, your commitment, your decision making skills, Flexibility. If they ask for bond, agree then and there. After that you can decide whether to sign bond or not. HR’s want to know whether you can take decision on the table. Salary – You tell as per the company norms. If they ask specific, try to give the numbers based on the history. Don’t give high numbers since you spend more for your degree. Refer Payscale ot websites to know the salary trend as per the technology or company. Prepared for Behavioral questions as well.

6. Final – Receive the Offer Latter with Smile. J All the Best!!

Develop the additional skills like Reading daily English news paper, Watching English (news) Channels, Talking in English. Don’t shy with your friends. Best you can call your mobile customer care and ask for the features in English.

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